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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

22:06  W3LPL      FM19LG   TG9AHM        EK45UM     14082.1   RTTY Heard in GA and MA         F2       20Sep18

22:04  LU8YE      FE49IU   LU7YS         FE49IU      5351.5                                   UNKNOWN  20Sep18

22:04  CE2WNW     FF46FV   CE2WNW        FF46FV     21260.0                                   UNKNOWN  20Sep18

22:03  CT2GRF     IM58LN   K0PT          FM18GL     10136.0   tnx 30m ft8                     F2       20Sep18

22:03  F1BBI      JN24BC   PU5BWB        GG53NR     21074.0   ft8 tnx                         F2       20Sep18

22:02  ON8ON      JO10TR   CE5SG         FF33VJ     14220.0   TU Congrats for ur Excellent F  F2       20Sep18

22:00  WA4JQS     EM77TA   K1M           FN42JP     14035.0                                   ES       20Sep18

22:00  N2WWD      EL98RA   N1ZZ          EL98QE     14178.0                                   TROPO    20Sep18

21:59  RY2FAA     KO04TT   LZ920MLC      KN22NU      3522.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:59  CT2GRF     IM58LN   DH7OM         JO51CB     10136.0   tnx 30m ft8                     F2       20Sep18

21:59  IZ2EWR     JN46RD   EM25URD       KO50AA      3516.5                                   F2       20Sep18

21:59  DK4KK      JO51CB   PY4HGM        GH80MM     14008.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:59  LU1HVK     FF87UH   ON8BB         JO21CC     14075.6   FT8 Tanks for QSO >Lotw >QRZ P  F2       20Sep18

21:58  M0LHS      IO81RL   W4DXX         EM70RV     14078.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:57  F1BBI      JN24BC   KE2UK         FN30FQ     14074.0   JN24BC<>FN30FQ tnx qso FT8,73.  F2       20Sep18

21:57  K1FFX      FN42MA   K1M           FN42JP     14035.0                                   TROPO    20Sep18

21:57  CT2GRF     IM58LN   ON4QX         JO20BX     10136.0   tnx 30m ft8                     F2       20Sep18

21:57  ON5FP      JO10LU   RI0B          NP39CH      7031.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:57  IW2JWD     JN45PH   W4RKC         FM09WE     14019.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:56  N6PEQ      DM13CR   IK4GRO        JN54MN     14270.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:55  WA2TDE     FN02OS   HB0/DL5YL     JN47SD     10114.0                                   F2       20Sep18

21:55  CT2GRF     IM58LN   WU2M          FN23TB     10136.0   tnx ft8 30m                     F2       20Sep18

21:55  SM6/LB6    JO67AS   N2MM          FM29PU      7131.4   VERY STRONG TO SWEDEN  BIG PIL  F2       20Sep18

21:55  DK1PZ      JO41TH   HB9BBD/B      JN47GA   1296050.0   JO41TH - JN47GA 429 QSB         TROPO    20Sep18

21:55  JA3SWL     PM85AC   RI0B          NP39CH     10144.0   FT8 CQ..PED-MODE ,SUITEMASU!!   F2       20Sep18

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