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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

20:05  W2NPT      FN20WW   KD0ZV         EN31ER     14213.8                                   ES       18Jan20

20:05  SV1VS      KM18XF   LA9XKA        JP50RE      5357.0   FT8 +07dB from JP50 1469Hz      F2       18Jan20

20:05  K3MTR      FM19RD   W4AQL         EM73TS      7212.8                                   F2       18Jan20

20:04  UR2Y       KN28WH   LY4A          KO15TR      3799.7   CQ DX LSB                       F2       18Jan20

20:04  YU1RA      KN04IP   UP0L          MO13SC      3512.7   HA DX C                         F2       18Jan20

20:04  LW4EU      FF81VG   LU7DUE        FF81VG      7100.0                                   UNKNOWN  18Jan20

20:04  DJ7YP      JO42GB   C5GCJ         IK13TJ     10131.5   tnx FT-8 HNY                    F2       18Jan20

20:04  W7GJ       DN27UB   N6JV          CM98HL     50313.0   CM98>DN27                       ES       18Jan20

20:04  K2PJC      FN21WB   N5YA          EM31CL     14153.3                                   F2       18Jan20

20:04  XE3I       EL61NC   ZW6C          GI30LA     14185.5   TNX QSO... 73 de XE3I           F2       18Jan20

20:03  K3MTR      FM19RD   W3SO          FN00LL      7208.6                                   F2       18Jan20

20:03  DL6BF      JO32QI   G8VHI         IO92FM    144174.0   JO32QI<TR>IO92FM cq..-2db       TROPO    18Jan20

20:03  WA4SE      EL89SJ   K4LD          DM26KA     14258.5                                   F2       18Jan20

20:03  W2NPT      FN20WW   K1DW          EM40VO     14191.0                                   ES       18Jan20

20:03  UT8AL      KO61WP   YO8TNB        KN37EW    144176.0   CQing jt65b 1st                 DIGI     18Jan20

20:02  YO8TNB     KN37EW   RO3X          KO73FU    144174.0   KN37<TR>KO73 FT8 TNX            TROPO    18Jan20

20:02  SV1VS      KM18XF   G3YZO         IO92GS      5357.0   FT8 -11dB from JO02 740Hz       F2       18Jan20

20:02  YU1RA      KN04IP   YT1WA         KN04ET      3519.1   HA DX C                         TROPO    18Jan20

20:02  R2ANX      KO04TT   R1BDX         KO86MA      1840.0   tnx FT8 QSO 73                  F2       18Jan20

20:02  DL6BF      JO32QI   M0LMK         JO01RI    144174.0   JO32QI<TR>JO01RI cq..-8db       TROPO    18Jan20

20:02  W7GJ       DN27UB   KW6S          CM96AX     50313.0   CM96>DN27                       ES       18Jan20

20:02  G4HGI      IO83PL   DL6YBF        JO31OX    144174.0   FT8 Best +0 dB io83-jo31 tnx    TROPO    18Jan20

20:02  HA5OV      JN97NJ   HA7SQ         JN97NQ      3698.0                                   TROPO    18Jan20

20:01  IQ1IV      JN35WL   IK1SOW        JN35WL      7047.0   award DSCI IQ1IV QRZ.COM        UNKNOWN  18Jan20

20:01  N2MUN      FN30HQ   NL7V          BP64HS     14327.0                                   F2       18Jan20

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