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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

00:47  WA3GWK     EM60BM   N0LL/B        EM09OW     50077.6   EM60BM<ES>EM09OW CW beacon      ES       25Jan21

00:43  RC3C       KO85PL   HL5BBD        ??????    439275.0   TNX QSO                         TROPO    25Jan21

00:42  XE2OCM     DL94AA   XE2W          DL94AA     50313.0   Cq CQ FT8                       UNKNOWN  25Jan21

00:41  RC3C       KO85PL   4S5SC         ??????    439275.0   TNX QSO                         TROPO    25Jan21

00:37  W4HLD      EM95GT   W5BU          EM11GB     50313.0                                   ES       25Jan21

00:31  NR4J       EM63OR   AE5B          EM02MJ     50313.0   EM63OQ<ES>EM02                  ES       25Jan21

00:28  WV4L       EM97XS   W3UUM         EL29PW     50155.0                                   ES       25Jan21

00:27  K5DC       EM12EX   N5AYD         EM64RO     50135.0   EM12DX<>EM96                    ES       25Jan21

00:26  NK0S       FM18LD   AE5B          EM02MJ     50314.5   EM02<>FM14                      ES       25Jan21

00:26  WB7PMP     EM95PR   KA0CDN/B      DM79OR     50065.0   EM95PU<ES>DM79 in and out       ES       25Jan21

00:24  NR4J       EM63OR   W5LDA         EM15XV     50313.0   EM63OQ<ES>EM15                  ES       25Jan21

00:23  K8JH       EN73FC   WA3GWK        EM60BM     50313.7                                   ES       25Jan21

00:21  NK0S       FM18LD   AF5CC         EM04TO     50314.5   EM04<>FM14                      ES       25Jan21

00:20  WV4L       EM97XS   NZ5F          EL09PO     50125.0                                   ES       25Jan21

00:20  NZ5F       EL09PO   KD7YZ         EM88NN     50125.0   55 in el09pn                    ES       25Jan21

00:19  NR4J       EM63OR   AA5AM         EM13SG     50313.0   EM63OQ<ES>EM13                  ES       25Jan21

00:19  W4HLD      EM95GT   XE2OR         DL98OK     50313.0                                   ES       25Jan21

00:19  NR4J       EM63OR   N5BCA         EM12PX     50313.0   EM63OQ<ES>EM12                  ES       25Jan21

00:18  NZ5F       EL09PO   KF4VKE        EL87PS     50125.0   53 in el09                      ES       25Jan21

00:17  NK0S       FM18LD   WD5HJF        EM23XK     50314.5   EM23<>FM14                      ES       25Jan21

00:17  WB7PMP     EM95PR   W3UUM         EL29PW     50155.0   EM95PU<ES>EL29 human decoding   ES       25Jan21

00:15  NZ5F       EL09PO   WV4L          EM97XS     50125.0   57 in el09pn tu                 ES       25Jan21

00:13  NK0S       FM18LD   K4PC          FM06UB     50314.5   FM06<>FM14                      TROPO    25Jan21

00:11  NZ5F       EL09PO   K4WWA         FM06HO     50125.0   53 in el09                      ES       25Jan21

00:06  WB7PMP     EM95PR   NZ5F          EL09PO     50145.0   EM95PU<ES>EL09 human decoding   ES       25Jan21

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