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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

02:29  W3LPL      FM19LG   R0DX          PN68JT      3544.5   Heard in OH                     F2       28Nov21

02:29  K3OO       FN20IT   OL3Z          JN79FX      3511.8                                   F2       28Nov21

02:29  K8LX       EN82HO   OE5OHO        JN67NT      1818.3                                   F2       28Nov21

02:29  N4KH       EM64RO   LZ5R          KN22NU      7050.1                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  KT5C       EM22IH   Z3/K0AG       KN01TO      7062.9                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  HG6N       JN98VE   N2MF          FN12XX      7036.5                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  N5XJ       EM10TF   V3X           EK56PX      7059.3                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  WR2G       FN20ST   VP9I          FM72PI      1858.0                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  HG6N       JN98VE   PT4A          GI30LA      7041.7                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  K8LX       EN82HO   OL5Y          JN79MW      1820.6                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  OM4Q       JN98AV   K1TTT         FN32KK      1838.7                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  NP2KW      FK77SK   YO8DOH        KN37CP      7047.4                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  RV6ASU     KN94VR   K3ZO          FM18MT      1815.5                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  W4EE       FM19LA   OE5OHO        JN67NT      7027.3   CQWW 15                         F2       28Nov21

02:28  RY6Y       LN04CJ   PY1AX         GG87IC      7044.2                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  VA2EBI     FN45AS   G4AMT         IO70DB      3507.6                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  IU1LCU     JN44EE   IO5P          JN62HT      3529.7                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  SJ2W       KP04HM   IR2L          JN62HT      3567.0                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  AC5OC      EM25WN   EA5KA         IM99XX      7026.8                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  K7SCX      DM79QJ   CF3A          FN03FP      7018.4                                   F2       28Nov21

02:28  9A5BWW     JN86EH   KP4/KA1R      FK68RE      7082.0                                   F2       28Nov21

02:27  VA3ROC     EN82LH   NF9V          EN63BJ      3512.3                                   F2       28Nov21

02:27  PT7WM      GG66QM   PP7JR         HI20DI      7019.9   CQWW CW                         F2       28Nov21

02:27  RV6ASU     KN94VR   KC1XX         FN42CS      7053.5                                   F2       28Nov21

02:27  PY4EP      GG78GK   W7DO          EM94ME     10136.0   FT8 -14dB from EM94 2458Hz      F2       28Nov21

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