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There are parts of this site that you need to login to gain access. This is a self-registration process.
This has had to be put in place because some people abuse this site by making their own website pretty with frequently updated MUF maps and DXC info and others who just MUST refresh the MUF page every few seconds so they don't miss a thing... The few spoil it for the many (temp login now disabled due to abuse).

Available when you login is the Live MUF User Forum where you can post help questions, ideas and discussion.

If you require access  then click HERE and fill in the boxes with your callsign, password, name, email address, qra locator, and a centre map locator. PLEASE fill in correct details. Any abuse and I will disable it.

People who create a login to this site will have access to the web-based Live MUF tools.

Note 1: If you create a login there is no cost involved (apart from the cost to me), this is a free service.
Note 2: If you just want to use the Live MUF application on your PC then you can download this HERE

If you If you have forgotton your password then click HERE.

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