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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

19:31  PD2WL      JO22PR   SV2HJQ        KN00UM     14196.0                                   ES        4Aug21

19:31  M0YKS      IO93CU   E75M          JN84SH     14213.5   CQ ing  TNX                     ES        4Aug21

19:31  PY4XX      GG88HG   LZ1ZF         KN22TL     14042.0                                   F2        4Aug21

19:31  KV0I       EN11XD   N4CWZ         EM96VG     14047.5                                   ES        4Aug21

19:31  JA1HOX     QM05CR   OK2BBV        JN89HE     10136.0                                   F2        4Aug21

19:31  K6RC       CM98IP   K3JT          EM99XO     14038.2                                   F2        4Aug21

19:31  EA3DR      JN01MP   8J1RL         KC90TX     14000.0   qrm 14.000 to 14.002            F2        4Aug21

19:31  RA3XGA     KO84DH   SP120KSW      JO73GJ     10111.0                                   F2        4Aug21

19:31  KD2ST      FM29NW   N4YDU         FM06SA      7035.2                                   F2        4Aug21

19:31  F4CUO      JN03QQ   JH1CCN        PM96SG     10137.9   73 TU                           F2        4Aug21

19:31  HA3LN      KN06CO   DL70TRS       JO51CB      7024.0   tks   CQ                        F2        4Aug21

19:31  K6RC       CM98IP   K3WJV         FN11KV     14037.4                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  N5KB       EM12MT   KE4KY         EM78GD      7038.7                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  VE3FP      EN94LF   NY3A          FM19PT     14039.8                                   ES        4Aug21

19:30  K6RC       CM98IP   K9CT          EN50BQ     14036.2                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  KD2ST      FM29NW   K4FN          EM78GG      7034.9                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  WQ0P       EM19VF   CO8RCP        FL20KC     21074.6                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  N5KB       EM12MT   NA8V          EN82OX      7037.7                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  UG1B       KO86MA   FS/W6IZT      FK88LB     14007.0   CQ, up CW                       F2        4Aug21

19:30  OE3FVU     JN78VE   HA2ML         JN97CO    144174.5   JN78VE< >JN97EO FT8             TROPO     4Aug21

19:30  YO2NAA     KN05OS   IK4FMT        JN54WG    144176.2   FT8 KN05ns JN54wg               TROPO     4Aug21

19:30  JA6GGD     PM53GO   OV1CDX        JO55VC     14013.0                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  NW3Y       FM28EP   NA2U          FN20SU     14038.8                                   F2        4Aug21

19:30  KD2SXD     EM90EK   KN9U          EL98QB     14343.0   VA POTA K-8203                  F2        4Aug21

19:29  PY4XX      GG88HG   9A3SMS        JN85AT     14038.4                                   F2        4Aug21

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