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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

02:57  W3LPL      FM19LG   3B8M          LG89RP      7085.6   Heard in KY                     F2       28Nov21

02:57  K6RC       CM98IP   VE6BBP        DO43RJ      7049.8                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  WB0TEV     EM13XC   9A5Y          JN85PO      3529.2                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  K1KI       FN32PA   LZ9W          KN13ME      3536.6                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  BH6KOK     OM64VI   R0AA          NO16OC     14030.1                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  WP3C       FK68PG   CB3R          FF44PM      7017.5                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  W2GS       EM42VH   NP4Z          FK68XJ      3542.1                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  AC3LZ      FM29FB   CR3W          IM12MS      3540.1                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  EI8KW      IO63UH   DJ9DZ         JO31PN      3549.6                                   F2       28Nov21

02:57  W3LPL      FM19LG   9H6A          JM75GV      3521.0   Heard in MD                     F2       28Nov21

02:57  NY6DX      FN30IS   ED1R          IN73TA      1821.4                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  BH6KOK     OM64VI   RA9Y          NO13VE     14029.2                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  KL7RA      BP40IO   KH6LC         BK29MN     21022.9                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  UT5ZC      KN57XA   HC2IC         FI07AS     10137.3   tnx QSO                         F2       28Nov21

02:56  BH1JHC     OM89EW   BA4DL         PM01RF     14022.0                                   ES       28Nov21

02:56  K0ZR       FM19DD   SP5ELA        KO02LG      7005.5                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  K8PGJ      EN82KO   PJ2T          FK52ME      7063.7                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  KX2S       FN20VR   KP4/KA1R      FK68RE      7081.9                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  NY6DX      FN30IS   HG8R          KN06BG      1829.2                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  PY5XH      GG35TX   PY9MP         GH13DW      1837.2                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  NK7Z       CN84LA   EA5AER        JM08BU      3505.5                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  BH6KOK     OM64VI   JH8YOH        QN01IS     14042.4                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  RV6ASU     KN94VR   NN7CW         EL98FV      7026.1                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  PY2WC      GG66OM   ED1R          IN73TA      1821.4                                   F2       28Nov21

02:56  EI8KW      IO63UH   G6XX          IO92GS      3547.6                                   F2       28Nov21

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