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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

23:58  W8MSP      EN72XK   S51DX         JN75CC      7130.0   59 Michigan                     F2       22May19

23:58  JG2AJK     PM85JH   JH7IPR/P      QN00IT     50313.0   <ES> FT8 +10 dB 1062 Hz         ES       22May19

23:57  K2WH       FN21UE   KP4EIT        FK68SI     50313.0                                   ES       22May19

23:57  I5BYL      JN53PS   XE2I          DL94AA     14015.0                                   F2       22May19

23:57  KX8DX      EN74VG   S51DX         JN75CC      7130.0   Thanks 3 bands today...         F2       22May19

23:56  PA2TA      JO21IU   OG0C          KP00ED      3573.0   FT8 loud! tu fer being patient  F2       22May19

23:56  I5BYL      JN53PS   XE1I          DL94AA     14015.0                                   F2       22May19

23:56  WD4AB      EL95TO   KB3WBT        FN01SA     50125.0   EL95UO<>FN01SA 59               ES       22May19

23:56  KE5JXC     EL39UX   W7OTQ         FM16WU     50125.0   tnx  Bruce                      ES       22May19

23:56  KE1Y       FM18LV   KE1Y          FM18LV      7137.0                                   UNKNOWN  22May19

23:55  JH6BPG     PM53FM   9M6NA         OJ75MM     50313.0   FT8 CQ                          ES       22May19

23:55  KF7E       DM43EF   2E0XNV/P      IO92GS     14264.0   CQ: weak, QSB. Call?            F2       22May19

23:55  VA3IR      FN04GA   S51DX         JN75CC      7130.0                                   F2       22May19

23:55  VK4AAC     QG62MQ   VK4SMA        QG62MM      7144.0   WWFF VKFF-0268                  TROPO    22May19

23:55  PT7WM      GG66QM   P41E          FK52AM      7074.0   SA-036 - FT8                    F2       22May19

23:54  2E0ABM     IO92GS   GS0NWM        IO76VT     10136.0   EU-008 _ GMFF-0102 WAB-NM73     F2       22May19

23:54  VK3MH      QF22MA   CT3MD         IM13TB     14076.0   FT8 Strong VK beam east         F2       22May19

23:54  K4TR       EL88TN   VA3HP         EN92KS     50313.0                                   ES       22May19

23:54  VK3MH      QF22MA   CN2FA         IM73QS     14074.4   FT8 Strong VK beam east         F2       22May19

23:54  N0OI       DM13IT   FO5RH         BH52HI     14023.3                                   F2       22May19

23:54  W3LPL      FM19LG   5B4AMX        KM65FA      3505.1   Heard in NH                     F2       22May19

23:54  WD4AB      EL95TO   W3HKK         EN80PD     50125.0   EL95UO<>EN80QE 55               ES       22May19

23:53  K2TRD      FN22FM   S51DX         JN75CC      7130.0   5 OVER 9 IN NY                  F2       22May19

23:53  WD4AB      EL95TO   VA3MO         FN03CC     50125.0   EL95UO<>FN03MM 55               ES       22May19

23:53  W3LPL      FM19LG   FO5RH         BH52HI     14023.3   Heard in BC and AB              F2       22May19

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