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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

04:42  ZL2IFB     RF70ID   FK8GX         RG28RJ     14073.9                                   F2       19Aug19

04:42  OE3FVU     JN78VE   EB3JT         JN01UI     14075.3   JN78<>JN01 FT8                  ES       19Aug19

04:42  ZL2AIM     RF72VW   I1ULJ/8       JN70GU      7023.0                                   F2       19Aug19

04:42  ZL2IFB     RF70ID   EK1KE         LN20KJ     14073.9                                   F2       19Aug19

04:38  S55G       JN65UV   OJ0O          JO99MX      3600.0   80m activity?                   F2       19Aug19

04:38  UT8AL      KO61WP   UA9AET        MO03HB    144360.0                                   DIGI     19Aug19

04:36  UX0CQ      KN69MM   OJ0O          JO99MX      7016.0   tnx qso 73! up 1                F2       19Aug19

04:34  W2TT       FM29VP   MI0OBC        IO74EP      3573.6                                   F2       19Aug19

04:34  SP5GSM     KO02LG   AK6A          CN84NM     10136.0   FT8 -20dB 1980Hz                F2       19Aug19

04:32  KN9K       EN51SP   LU5FC         FF97NF      3508.0   TU de Arizona. 73               F2       19Aug19

04:32  UT8AL      KO61WP   RA9FMT        LO77TR    144360.0                                   DIGI     19Aug19

04:32  KE5AL      EM10EK   OT4A          JO21HC      7006.0                                   F2       19Aug19

04:32  YL2LY      KO07WA   YL30WAY       KO27HA      7014.0                                   UNKNOWN  19Aug19

04:29  R4UR       LO24OD   OJ0O          JO99MX      7016.0                                   F2       19Aug19

04:29  SP3WVL     JO72GI   ES30WAY       KO28HW      3574.0                                   F2       19Aug19

04:26  YL2CP      KO27PH   YL30WAY       KO27HA     10140.0                                   TROPO    19Aug19

04:26  KW4BY      EL96VW   W5CIA         EM40WM      1840.0   fb peak+7  73 from fla          F2       19Aug19

04:24  UT2VR      KN69PC   5B4ALX        KM64TV     50313.0   KN69PC<ES>KM64TV FT8 -14 dB  h  ES       19Aug19

04:24  W8LPN      EN90QO   VE7KW         CN89OG      3574.0                                   F2       19Aug19

04:23  W3LPL      FM19LG   OJ0O          JO99MX      7016.0   Heard in NH                     F2       19Aug19

04:22  SP8NFO     KN09PS   G0BLB         IO81RI      3573.0   FT8 +05dB from IO81 1018Hz      F2       19Aug19

04:19  HB9FAX     JN46KE   II8FTDM       JN62HT     14074.0   ft8 cq cq 73                    ES       19Aug19

04:18  W8LPN      EN90QO   DL5DSM        JO71EK      3574.0                                   F2       19Aug19

04:16  SP8NFO     KN09PS   IW3IEH        JN55SN      3573.0   FT8 -13dB from JN55 1272Hz      F2       19Aug19

04:16  RA9FMT     LO77TR   RA3RF         LO03WK    144360.0   LO77TR<MS>LO03WK MSK144 +11 dB  MS       19Aug19

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