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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

03:19  W4LES      EM84MO   K4TQR/B       EM63OM     50059.0   EM84MO<TR>EM63                  TROPO    13Apr21

00:16  NF3R       FN20EF   KG4FJC        FM07TQ     50313.0   ft8 fm07                        TROPO    13Apr21

00:04  NF3R       FN20EF   AB4SF         FM17EL     50313.2                                   TROPO    13Apr21

23:36  W4LES      EM84MO   K1SIX         FN43AD     50313.0   LOUD Into SC                    BS       12Apr21

23:32  HI8GSP     FK49PD   KO4MA         EL88TO     50313.0   FT8 Tnx Qso 73                  ES       12Apr21

23:31  HI8GSP     FK49PD   K4TR          EL88TN     50313.0   FT8 Tnx Qso 73                  ES       12Apr21

23:31  K4TR       EL88TN   HI8GSP        FK49PD     50313.0                                   ES       12Apr21

23:26  HI5KKK     FK49PD   K2MRK         FN30LS     50314.0   FT8 -16 FK48KF<>EL98            ES       12Apr21

23:22  K4TR       EL88TN   HI8FHA        FK49PD     50313.0                                   ES       12Apr21

23:21  K4TR       EL88TN   HI8RMQ        FK49PD     50313.0                                   ES       12Apr21

23:20  HI5KKK     FK49PD   AJ4MW         EL98IR     50314.0   FT8 -15 FK48KF<>EL98            ES       12Apr21

23:17  HI5KKK     FK49PD   W4TAA         EL87VB     50314.0   FT8 -11                         ES       12Apr21

23:10  HI5KKK     FK49PD   AJ4LJ         EL96UR     50314.0   FT8 -20                         ES       12Apr21

22:55  HI8GSP     FK49PD   W8IX          EL96BQ     50313.0   FT8 Tnx Qso 73                  ES       12Apr21

22:54  W4LES      EM84MO   HH2AA         FK38UK     50313.0   -17 Into SC                     BS       12Apr21

22:51  W9JN       EN54DN   W9TD          EN52XJ     50313.0   EN54DN<TR>EN52 TU solid QSO     TROPO    12Apr21

22:42  HI5KKK     FK49PD   K1TO          EL87VI     50314.0   FT8 +07 FK48KF<>EL87            ES       12Apr21

22:39  HI8GSP     FK49PD   AJ4MW         EL98IR     50313.0   FT8 Tnx Qso 73                  ES       12Apr21

22:35  K8JH       EN73FC   CE6TK         FF30JG     50314.0                                   ES       12Apr21

22:32  N8JX       EN73BI   CE6TK         FF30JG     50313.0                                   ES       12Apr21

22:31  HI8GSP     FK49PD   HI3AA         FK49RM     50313.0   FT8 GRACIAS 73                  TROPO    12Apr21

22:27  CA3KHZ     FF46QJ   XE1AO         DK89DF     50313.0   dk89 8db tnx                    ES       12Apr21

22:26  HI5KKK     FK49PD   WD4SFR        EM90CD     50314.0   FT8 -24 FK48KF<>EM90            ES       12Apr21

22:26  HI8GSP     FK49PD   N2BRG         EL87OV     50313.0   FT8 Tnx Qso 73                  ES       12Apr21

22:25  HI8GSP     FK49PD   K1TO          EL87VI     50313.0   FT8 Tnx Qso 73                  ES       12Apr21

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