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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

14:40  WW1L       FN54OO   VA1WV         FN75XP     50313.0                                   TROPO    27Oct20

14:39  WA4Q       EM57UG   WW1L          FN54OO     50315.0   EM57<ES>FN54                    ES       27Oct20

14:39  F4VPC      IN87VV   SV3FUO        KM08UG     50313.0   FT8 -18 dB 2113 Hz              ES       27Oct20

14:38  WA4Q       EM57UG   W1EL          FN64GR     50315.0   EM57<ES>FN64                    ES       27Oct20

14:37  DJ9YE      JO43HV   G4BRK         IO91HP     50280.0   JO43HV<MS>IO91 MSK144 tnx QSO   MS       27Oct20

14:35  WW1L       FN54OO   K8MMM/B       EN81OK     50010.2                                   ES       27Oct20

14:35  WW1L       FN54OO   N8UIP         EN91FJ     50313.0                                   ES       27Oct20

14:33  WW1L       FN54OO   WA9Q          EN61LO     50313.0                                   ES       27Oct20

14:31  WW1L       FN54OO   W9RCA         EM69UF     50068.8                                   ES       27Oct20

13:45  VE2XK      FN07PJ   N2GHR/B       FN30LU     50077.8   FN07<ES>FN30 599/20             ES       27Oct20

13:42  NQ4I       EM73UG   AE4OY         EM81UH     50125.0                                   TROPO    27Oct20

13:41  NQ4I       EM73UG   N4GCD         EM81XM     50125.0                                   TROPO    27Oct20

13:41  NQ4I       EM73UG   AE4OF         EM81TF     50125.0                                   TROPO    27Oct20

13:38  SP8SN      KO11FI   DJ1AA         JO41XU     50313.0   <ES> FT8 -15 dB 2259 Hz         ES       27Oct20

13:29  DF5VAE     JO64RK   DK2EA         JO50UF     50313.0   FT8 -16 dB 1506 Hz soso         ES       27Oct20

12:57  F4VPC      IN87VV   SV3BSF/B      KM08VA     50450.0   IN87VV<ES>KM08VA 549            ES       27Oct20

12:56  DK2EA      JO50UF   TA1D/3        KM39BP     50313.0   JO50UF<ES>KM39BP FT8 CQ 0dB     ES       27Oct20

12:47  K4MY       EM74SE   VE2XK         FN07PJ     50240.0   EM74RE<>FN07PJ                  ES       27Oct20

12:17  KD9VV      EN71IB   VE2XK         FN07PJ     50260.0   EN71<MS>FN07                    MS       27Oct20

12:08  KD9VV      EN71IB   VE1JF         FN74LQ     50260.0   EN71<MS>FN74                    MS       27Oct20

11:51  W4HLR      EM56IC   KD4AA         FM17TR     50145.0   EM56JB<MS>FM17 5/9 peaks tnx    MS       27Oct20

11:51  G0API      IO80XS   GB3BUX/B      IO93BF     50000.0   IO93BF(TR)IO80XS 549            TROPO    27Oct20

11:39  KD9VV      EN71IB   K2UA          FN12FR     50260.0   EN71<MS>FN12FR                  MS       27Oct20

11:36  W4HLR      EM56IC   W4ICU         EM70LL     50145.0   EM56JB<MS>EM70KP 5/7 nice tnx   MS       27Oct20

11:36  W4HLR      EM56IC   WA4GPM        FN11PI     50145.0   EM56JB<MS>EM90EC 5/7 nice tnx   MS       27Oct20

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