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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

14:04  UA3QHF     KO91PS   RQ3P          KO84UF    144174.0   FT8 +6 dB 1274 Hz               TROPO    27Oct20

13:56  UA3QHF     KO91PS   RU3FA         KO84RU    144174.0   FT8 +5 dB 1034 Hz               TROPO    27Oct20

13:45  UA3QHF     KO91PS   UA4UT         LO14WO    144174.0   FT8 -2 dB 1187 Hz CQ            TROPO    27Oct20

13:43  UA3QHF     KO91PS   UA4ALU        LN29LA    144174.0   FT8 +6 dB 1158 Hz CQ            TROPO    27Oct20

13:40  UA6LJV     KN97NE   UA4ALU        LN29LA    144174.0   FT8 +0 dB 1170 Hz               TROPO    27Oct20

13:39  UA4UT      LO14WO   R4DK          LO21XO    144174.0   <TR> FT8 +3 dB 1506 Hz          TROPO    27Oct20

13:36  RQ3P       KO84UF   R4DK          LO21XO    144174.0   FT8 -5 dB 1459 Hz               TROPO    27Oct20

13:35  UT8AL      KO61WP   RX3DPK        ??????    144174.0   TNX QSO! first one!!!           UNKNOWN  27Oct20

13:33  RX3DPK     ??????   UT8AL         KO61WP    144174.0   CQ FT8 -15 TNX!                 UNKNOWN  27Oct20

13:21  UA3MBJ     KO87QV   UT8AL         KO61WP    144174.0   <TR> FT8 -10 dB 884 Hz SWL      TROPO    27Oct20

13:11  WZ1V       FN31RG   K2UYH         FN20QG    144205.0   FN20>FN31                       TROPO    27Oct20

13:11  WZ1V       FN31RG   N3VS          FN21AM    144205.0   FN21>FN31                       TROPO    27Oct20

13:05  WZ1V       FN31RG   WA2JMG        FN33FG    144195.0   FN33>FN31                       TROPO    27Oct20

13:02  UT8AL      KO61WP   UA3ARC        KO85SO    144174.0   GOOOOD COPY! no problem... GL!  TROPO    27Oct20

13:00  UA3ARC     KO85SO   UT8AL         KO61WP    144174.0   Sasha spasibo QSO 73!           TROPO    27Oct20

12:56  UA3MBJ     KO87QV   UT8AL         KO61WP    144174.0   <TR> FT8 -7 dB 1027 Hz swl      TROPO    27Oct20

12:56  WZ1V       FN31RG   K4WMS         FM17LT    144205.0   FM17>FN31                       TROPO    27Oct20

12:54  K4MY       EM74SE   KY4MRG        EM77QP    144174.0   EM74RE<>EM77RP                  TROPO    27Oct20

12:50  UT8AL      KO61WP   UA3ARC        KO85SO    144174.0   TNX QSO! B4                     TROPO    27Oct20

12:49  UT8AL      KO61WP   UA3MBJ        KO87QV    144174.0   TNX QSO!UFB!                    TROPO    27Oct20

12:49  WZ1V       FN31RG   N1TH          FN21TK    144174.0                                   TROPO    27Oct20

12:46  KW4BY      EL96VW   W4FWS/B       EL98HN    144277.0   5nn el96vw>el98hn               TROPO    27Oct20

12:45  UA3MBJ     KO87QV   UT8AL         KO61WP    144174.0   <TR> FT8 -14 dB Tnx qso 73!     TROPO    27Oct20

12:44  WZ1V       FN31RG   W8ANS         EN91OK    144185.0   EN91>FN31                       TROPO    27Oct20

12:41  WZ1V       FN31RG   KB1GMX        FN42GH    144205.0   FN42>FN31                       TROPO    27Oct20

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