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Main installation Package.
MDAC, Microsoft Data Engine needed on some PC's.
Manuals and Info.
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Live MUF V6 has finished development now. I am working on V7 . If you want see the latest V7 version please look at the V7  page. V6 is only intended now for people still running old Win95 or old PCs like P120 and low memory etc. 73 de Dave


FREE LIVE MUF Calculator by EA6VQ-Gabriel and G7RAU-Dave for live calculating the possible sporadic e MUF on VHF during es season via a telnet link into dxc.
This is now full release software (Just Cosmetics/usability to update in the future hopefully).. Download and install at your own risk, we take no responsibility for any problems that are encountered with installing and running the application!!
We do not promise the accuracy of this, you will need to make assumptions for yourself where necessary.

Minimum PC (As tested) P120, 24mb memory
Minimum screen resolution is 800 by 600 16 colours (possible just on 640/480 if you maximise app)
Tested on Win95v1 and up, works on Win95v1 if you have your system up to date with patches, e.g IE4 and com updates.

Download and run live_muf.exe (make sure you don't overwrite your system files with older ones from this package as this was build in win98.. Choose not to overwrite, you have been warned!). Please also read about the data engine and jet updates as you might need these on your PC also to get live muf up and running.

If the app won’t run or freezes have a look in muf_errors.log in the livemuf install directory or email me the file and I will have a look. Normally the problem is mdac or jet updates needed (See MDAC)

NOTE: If you already have the program installed and running and you only require an update then scroll down to livemufexe.zip. It is very rare the whole package would need to be reinstalled for an update.

The manual is available by pressing F1 when you are in the app or you can read the manual here.

Also you only need to update the Callsign / Locator database file, not the whole package for the latest file version.

Live MUF jumped from V4 to V6 because V5 was not suitable for public comsumption, too many bugs so I scrapped and rewrote the app!
If you run livemuf V4 and really wish to upgrade then email me and I will advise how to do it, but it is much better to leave V4 installed and install V6 also or copy spots.mdb to your archive and uninstall livemuf.

Thanks to Shelby W8WN for a link in North Amarica for Live MUF. Please all users world wide send me suggestions for making the app more usable, I shall endeavour to include these in EXE updates (time / qrl permitting!).
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If you do not have win2k/XP/Office2000+ you will need the MDAC package so the program can communicate with the database. If you receive error message boxes when the program starts and then the program errors and bombs out then you DO need the MDAC!
Click here (MDAC ~7.8mb upload 31th July 2002 02:45utc) to download mdac.zip
Note: Mdac v2.8 (at least) is available for download on Microsoft's site, this version is 2.5 but you might find the program runs better on 2.8. v2.8 is an update for win2k and XP (they use 2.7 which has some bugs, especially when using ADO and IIS) Win 98 / 2000 users: you might need to update the MS jet components as the version supplied with the OS is no good, this is available on Microsoft's site or you can d/l the two jet install parts (inside a zip file as of 19 Jan 04) from here (3mb).
It is also worth looking in windows\system (system32 folder in 2k/XP) folder to check for a file called msjeto~1.dll, this should be called msjetoledb40.dll and livemuf cannot run if this file is not correctly named so rename if necessary (not my error but microsofts hi).
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Basic program manual in HTML format
Here are a few links for telnet clx links:

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Click here (CALLSIGN DATABASE kb) to download data_muf.zip, un zip the file and put it in your live muf folder to replace the call / loc database)
Alternatively you can download the mini update which contains the last 30 days of updates to calls and locators. This is run from menu: 'Options' / 'update dx database from mini.mdb'. You need to download mini.zip and extract mini.mdb into your live muf working folder and then run the menu item (if the menu item isn't there you will first need to update your exe with livemufexe.zip).

If you only need the up to date exe then click here (EXE upload: see below in new features/bugfixes) to download the zipped exe file, replace the .exe in in your live muf installed directory with the exe in this zip file (V6).The main package will probably remain the same now, just check here now and again for an update to the exe :). Also in the zip is an update of manual(s), place this also in the livemuf install folder and access it in the program using the F1 key.

Live MUF V6 has finished development now. I am working on V7 (BETA release). If you want see the latest version please look at the V7  page. 73 de Dave
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PS the best way to work es is ALWAYS to be qrv…..
(Thanks to EA6VQ, G3NAQ, G4FUF, G0AEV, G0GJV and SM3GSJ for their help with the maths!)
This has/is involved many many hours of development and we would like Bug reports or real concerns/ideas etc to my email, also if you have/are using this can you drop a mail so we can see how many users and whether it is worth continuing development. If you don't like the idea of an auto-muf-calc then just remember we have done all of this sacrificing our time when we could have been making money and you don't have to download… 73 de Dave