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2012 astro IMAGES
Image for 27-JAN-2012 (M86 etc in Virgo.png) Image for 27-JAN-2012 (M97 Owl Nebula.png) Image for 27-JAN-2012 (M97 Owl Nebula Zoomed.png) Image for 11-FEB-2012 (M44 Beehive Open Cluster.png) Image for 11-FEB-2012 (M46 Open Cluster.png) Image for 11-FEB-2012 (M65 M66 NGC3623 Leo Triplet Galaxies.png) Image for 18-FEB-2012 (M106 Galaxy.png)
27-JAN-2012 - M86 etc in Virgo.png

27-JAN-2012 - M97 Owl Nebula.png

27-JAN-2012 - M97 Owl Nebula Zoomed.png

11-FEB-2012 - M44 Beehive Open Cluster.png

11-FEB-2012 - M46 Open Cluster.png

11-FEB-2012 - M65 M66 NGC3623 Leo Triplet Galaxies.png

18-FEB-2012 - M106 Galaxy.png

Image for 18-FEB-2012 (M64 Black Eye Galaxy.png) Image for 19-FEB-2012 (M104 Sombrero Galaxy.png) Image for 19-FEB-2012 (M104 Sombrero Galaxy Zoomed.png) Image for 19-FEB-2012 (M13 Globular Cluster.png) Image for 19-FEB-2012 (M57 Ring Nebula wide field.png) Image for 25-FEB-2012 (M109 Galaxy.png) Image for 25-FEB-2012 (M63 Sunflower Galaxy.png)
18-FEB-2012 - M64 Black Eye Galaxy.png

19-FEB-2012 - M104 Sombrero Galaxy.png

19-FEB-2012 - M104 Sombrero Galaxy Zoomed.png

19-FEB-2012 - M13 Globular Cluster.png

19-FEB-2012 - M57 Ring Nebula wide field.png

25-FEB-2012 - M109 Galaxy.png

25-FEB-2012 - M63 Sunflower Galaxy.png

Image for 26-FEB-2012 (M12 Globular Cluster.png) Image for 03-MAR-2012 (M51 Galaxy.png) Image for 10-MAR-2012 (Mars.png) Image for 23-MAR-2012 (NGC4886 in Coma Galaxy Cluster.jpg) Image for 24-MAR-2012 (NGC4565 Needle Galaxy.png) Image for 25-MAR-2012 (M99 Galaxy in Coma Berenices.png) Image for 27-MAR-2012 (M65 M66 NGC3623 Leo Triplet Galaxies.jpg)
26-FEB-2012 - M12 Globular Cluster.png

03-MAR-2012 - M51 Galaxy.png

10-MAR-2012 - Mars.png

23-MAR-2012 - NGC4886 in Coma Galaxy Cluster.jpg

24-MAR-2012 - NGC4565 Needle Galaxy.png

25-MAR-2012 - M99 Galaxy in Coma Berenices.png

27-MAR-2012 - M65 M66 NGC3623 Leo Triplet Galaxies.jpg

Image for 10-APR-2012 (My equip ED120 pro scope with ST80T guide scope on NEQ6 mount.jpg) Image for 12-APR-2012 (NGC5005 and NGC5033 Galaxies.jpg) Image for 13-APR-2012 (M27 Dumbbell Nebula.jpg) Image for 15-APR-2012 (M88 and other galaxies.jpg) Image for 16-APR-2012 (IC5146 Cocoon Nebula.jpg) Image for 11-MAY-2012 (M92 Globular Cluster.jpg) Image for 25-MAY-2012 (NGC6633 Open Cluster.jpg)
10-APR-2012 - My equip ED120 pro scope with ST80T guide scope on NEQ6 mount.jpg

12-APR-2012 - NGC5005 and NGC5033 Galaxies.jpg

13-APR-2012 - M27 Dumbbell Nebula.jpg

15-APR-2012 - M88 and other galaxies.jpg

16-APR-2012 - IC5146 Cocoon Nebula.jpg

11-MAY-2012 - M92 Globular Cluster.jpg

25-MAY-2012 - NGC6633 Open Cluster.jpg

Image for 26-MAY-2012 (M11 Open Cluster.jpg) Image for 24-JUN-2012 (M16 Eagle Nebula.jpg) Image for 25-JUN-2012 (M33 Triangulum Galaxy.jpg) Image for 25-JUN-2012 (NGC7662 Blue Snowball.jpg) Image for 23-JUL-2012 (NGC6960 Veil Nebula.jpg) Image for 17-AUG-2012 (NGC7331 Galaxy.jpg) Image for 07-SEP-2012 (NGC 7317 Stephans Quintet Galaxies.jpg)
26-MAY-2012 - M11 Open Cluster.jpg

24-JUN-2012 - M16 Eagle Nebula.jpg

25-JUN-2012 - M33 Triangulum Galaxy.jpg

25-JUN-2012 - NGC7662 Blue Snowball.jpg

23-JUL-2012 - NGC6960 Veil Nebula.jpg

17-AUG-2012 - NGC7331 Galaxy.jpg

07-SEP-2012 - NGC 7317 Stephans Quintet Galaxies.jpg

Image for 07-SEP-2012 (NGC 7317 Stephans Quintet Galaxies zoomed.jpg) Image for 08-SEP-2012 (NGC 403 Galaxy.jpg) Image for 10-NOV-2012 (IC434 Horse head Nebula.jpg) Image for 10-NOV-2012 (NGC 1499 California Nebula.jpg) Image for 07-DEC-2012 (M01 Crab Nebula.jpg)    
07-SEP-2012 - NGC 7317 Stephans Quintet Galaxies zoomed.jpg

08-SEP-2012 - NGC 403 Galaxy.jpg

10-NOV-2012 - IC434 Horse head Nebula.jpg

10-NOV-2012 - NGC 1499 California Nebula.jpg

07-DEC-2012 - M01 Crab Nebula.jpg


ASTRO: 40 images for the year: 2012